Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harder times, small luxuries at Bliss Gifts & Decor

Hand & Nail Cream
with Olive oil and Vit. E
(L'Erbolario) - $ 17.00

Panier Des Sens Body Butter - $ 27.99

Royal Jelly Cream by L'Erbolario - $ 37.00

Damask Candle w/ Fleur de Lis lid (white orchid scent) -
$ 15.95

Panier Des Sens Foaming Bath - $ 24.00 (available scents : Lavender, Verbena, Linden Flower)

Are you having recession blues? Maybe we can help you fight that stress at your convenience in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to spend a fortune. Here are some tips from Bliss Gifts:
  1. Start your bath with running warm water. Pour foaming bath, like the lavender scent. This will calm your nerves. (Note: This is a big bottle, so there should be plenty left for next time.)
  2. To add ambience and a relaxing mood, light a candle - Damask candle (white orchid scent) or any other candle you prefer. Turn on a soft music.
  3. Get a glass of your fave wine or soda or chocolate. (Optional)
  4. Hop in the bath.
  5. For your eyes, a couple of slices of cool cucumber will do the trick. This is found at your fave grocery's produce section. Put slice of cool & fresh cucumber on each (closed) eye.
  6. Relax... but don't fall asleep or else you'll end up like a prune.
  7. When done, (or water is getting cold) it's time to rinse.
  8. For your face, apply the Royal Jelly cream, which performs an outstanding protecting, toning and restorative action which helps you in preserving the youthful splendor of your skin.
  9. For your hand and nail, apply L'erbolario's Hand & Nail cream. Thanks to the supply of vitamins of this formula, even the most fragile and ruined nails become smooth and compact again.
  10. For your body, apply it with body butter, an excellent moisturizer for all types of skin.
  11. Repeat, whenever you feel stressed out.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

And there was light...

Count down to launching of BGDI official website and online shopping ... 34 days. Aug 7, 2009 is the date! Woohoo!!!!