Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pamper MOM this Mother's Day

Yes, Mother's Day is fast approaching... Haven't decided yet what to give Mom on her day? Why not pamper Mom by giving her favorite collectible, picture of you in a frame or French gourmet soap and lotion?

Need to enhance your over the door? We can help you...

So you think your door looks like blah... ? No worries, here's something you can do, hang something over the door, like ones below....

WALL DECOR HEADER with Scroll and Stamped Leaf Design and Antique Gold Finish, 49.5"L, Can Be Used For Drapery, Iron,

WALL DECOR HEADER with Scroll and Stamped Leaf Design and Antique Gold Finish, 49.5"L, Can Be Used For Drapery, Iron,

Are you re-staging your home? Or simply want to improve your space?

Why not enhance a focal point at your living room with a wall art? A mantel or fireplace can be your focal point. This rustic stamped iron fleur de lis fits perfectly on top of the mantel or fireplace! If you are into something Frenchy old world home decor, this is it!
Product description:
FLEUR DE LIS DESIGN WALL DECOR with Stamped Corners and Antique Gold and Copper Finish, 36"Sq, Iron

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Gourmet Tableware

New arrivals: Intrada of Italy. Elegant dinnerware and table top items.

This is our First Blog!

So, this is it, our first one...

Bliss Gifts & Decor recently celebrated its 2nd Anniversary, established April 2007.
Slowly but surely we are growing. It is establishing its own niche in Scottsdale Az.

What's the buzz? A specialty boutique which offer high quality gift items, collectibles, home decor and furnishings. It is a spin-off of another company, which started as designer of handcrafted jewelry and decoupaged old cigar box purses and memory boxes.

It is where impulse “nice to have” stuffs become "must have" items. Living up to our clientele’s impeccable taste for European flair is a bit challenging. Yet somehow we manage to stay unique but stylish, simple but sophisticated.

So why us? We sell high quality locally made (in USA) products or imported items from Canada, Latin America, Asia and Europe, ranging from a bar of organic French soap or Italian herbal soap, romantic chic gift items to handcrafted French-inspired furnishings or an Italian gourmet tableware item. Last but not the least, an affordable opulence.