Saturday, June 13, 2009

Father's Day

L'Erbolario Man Myrtle Shaving Cream -
$ 19.95

It softens the skin immediately and eases the sliding of razor and ensures
rapid and perfect shaving. Ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.

L'Erbolario Man Aftershave Elixir -

This after shave product is strictly alcohol free. It restores the balance of the skin of the face and brings immediate relief to skin, refreshes, moisturizes and tones even the most delicate skin, protecting it all day.

L'erbolario Man Myrtle Soap - $ 7.00 (B
est Seller!)

Dedicated above all to men: a soft and creamy lather, with discreet yet persistent fragrance.

Me and Dad at the park - PRICELESS

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